Personal Economics

July 19th, 2008

Guns or butter, universal healthcare or executive benefits, corporate executive welfare or middle class welfare. Economics is very personal and affects us all.  We can all understand enough about the issues to write a letter to our elected representatives.

Your letters to legislators are powerful – each letter represents about 20,000 citizens. Write one letter a week, one letter a month, one letter a year – don’t anguish which topic, if you have some time write on an issue that comes to your attention. None of us can keep up on all issues and we depend on others to write to the issues we don’t get around to.

Through your purchases (or choosing not to purchase) you have more power than you think. Even “green” purchases are not always necessary.

By delaying immediate gratification, putting off most purchases by a day or week or more, you may find you can borrow, repair, find a better price, discover something made locally, find better quality or maybe even discover you don’t really need it.  This goes for services as well as physical items.