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March 3rd, 2022

This webpage is an adjunct to the Facebook page Zero Plastic Waste NOW!

Please feel free to use these sample letters to copy or use as starting points for your own. Consider including the Guide to Packaging Standards and Vendors with your letter, if appropriate

A Guide to International and American Packaging Standards and Vendors who offer compostable packaging for food an other products. Include a copy of this with your letters so food manufacturers cannot refute the availability of sustainable packaging products.

SAMPLE LETTERS to Vendors & Manufacturers

Retailers & Manufacturers:

Letter to booksellers that ship in plastic bags.


Costco letter #1 My first foray into ZPW letter writing in 2018, a rant

Costco letter #2 on 2/22/20 Bulk plastic packaging of already packaged items

Procter & Gamble – Gillette Razors & Blades

Prepared Food Manufacturers:

Trader Joe’s One of my favorite stores but more and more unsustainable packaging.

Blue Diamond Almonds, nuts & snacks.

Kind Snacks Kind Granola, Protein Bars & Snacks.

Siete Grain-free chips and tortillas

Packaging Manufacturers:

Pregis/Abt packaging: airbags, bagging systems, films, plastic papers

Storopack AIRplus packaging airbagsropack AIRplus packaging airbags

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